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thegreencoolerman presents ...


Dr Who Game

As the Doctor you have to protect k9 as he is motionless, but he can still fire his laser to help you kill the darleks, and adepose and k9 has 4 lives,
The game is only over when the doctors lives are used up.


To move use the doctor up, down, left and right press the "arrow" keys,

To fire the laser you have to hold down one of the 'arrow' keys and press the "Space" bar key,

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Not a very good game. The graphics aren't worth it, and why is the Doctor walking through space? I just don't understand...


theDoctor: there's no need to be so critical. I personally think the exploding dalek effect is pretty neat.


I agree, the dalek exploding effect is pretty cool, and I'm sorry thegreencoolerman, I didn't mean to be so critical. I shouldn't have been and I apologize.


I wasn't thinking when I said what I did, and it was wrong of me.


Why is the sonic killing? It shouldn't kill and it shouldn't mane. And why is the doctor Simpsons style?


And what about regenerating?

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