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The Effect of Alcohol in Blood Game / SImulation

In this game, you, the user, are the WhiteCell and can move up and down using "W" and "S" as well as "A" and "D" to move left and right. Your job is to eat the bacteriia (earning you points) before it gets to the other side of the screen. However, if you let a bacteria get past you then points are deducted from your score. A score BELOW zero results in the game ending. While doing this you have to also avoid the Virus cells which take points away from your score, however no additional points are deducted if they go past you. On top of this, there are bottles of Alcohol (in game) that will be flying across the screen that you have to avoid. If you touch one of the bottles, the game will increase in speed for each one drank (IN GAME). This will also cause more Red Cells to spawn in the background for each bottle drank. If you touch to many bottles, a message pops up saying that any more bottles drinken will result in an IN GAME heart attack (as would simulate somethign that could happen in real life). Additionally while each bottle is drank, the "play" area closes in due to the high consumption of alcohol. If the user wants to avoid the IN GAME heart attack then they can slow their blood pressure down by collecting the apples that spawn in occasionally. To win the game, you must out live the TIMER. Good Luck!

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Tags: game simulation

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