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m.legere1323 presents ...


CrabGame 2.1: Crablord's Demise

Angry from constant "Au.wav"
noises, and constant killing, the crabs
have come to get revenge on the opressive
lobsters that never let them eat the
worms. It's your job as the lobster to
keep them away from your tidal pool
by eating them as they try to, by
sheer numbers, push you out of your

Use the left and right arrow
keys to move yourself throughout your
home looking for crabs to kill. After
the fourth wave comes through you'll
get some help from a buddy. If you
see a spider Eat it quick; five eaten
spiders gives you the energy to call
lobsters from other tidal pools
(by pressing "m") who'll help you for
a short period of time.

You will survive as long as
the crab population doesnt double in

At the 20th level you will encounter the crab lord. Be sure to dodge his attacks for as long as you can; if you manage to survive success is yours!

*Changes for 2.1*
----Added level counter
----Added points messages
----Changed health to the stereotypical 100 but increased the damage that bubbles do to you

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Tags: game simulation demo crab biology little animal scoreboard crabgame

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How can u kill the big crab?


You can't....yet =) You just avoid the bubbles until he goes away.
The gameplay is lengthy, difficult, and creative, and the programming is impeccable! Great job! Also, THANK YOU for posting the programming: it helped me SO much on a project of my own. A+


Thank you...make sure to check out v2.2

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