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Gbasire presents ...


Trash Clash Royale

play the good old clash royale on Greenfoot !
click on a card to select a troop and click on your side of the map to place it !

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Tags: mouse game demo with-source battle clans coc supercell mobile

This scenario is a member of: UNiTy iN NeEd

open in greenfoot
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WoW! Just WoW. This game is crazy! Good job


This game is epic


thanks thanks


great game man


better than the real game honestly


its easy. I beat hard first try and I have never played this or clash before


This game is actually garbage, not only is the coding beyond terrible, but the cards are also sloppy. For example, the baby dragon is nasty asf in the cover art, the mini pekka for example attacks troops behind your tower and at the king tower instead of the archer tower, and sometimes when you click a card, it doesn't move down to your deck. Also, there's almost no cards to pick from, and if you play a golem and some support units, you win. You also start with zero exlir? Like come on buddy. The card art is actually terrible on field, its a 2d blob running where ever. Easily one of the worst games ive ever WASTED my time on.


elitecoils wow, almost like it's named "TRASH" clash royale, good job for finding out it's a trash and bugged game coded by a beginner in java, great critic work and detective work man


that's mean man.


Realy nice game I prefer it over regular clash since this is it pay to win. Improvements I would like to see. General bugs like not being able to place trop on more trips canons not shooting other cannons proper target locking and stuff. Maybe having 16 cards in total (for 2 decks in theory) fire ball shooting from king tower cause rn its har to predict stuff. Even tho there is alot that could be better we have to remeber most big games are made by multiple people and that this is made by 1 person. Cheers!

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