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kexinger presents ...



Goal: To save the Highly Ranked Prisoners of War
Team Members:
1.Alberto Bagundo (Kexinger)
2.Vamsi Krishna (Vamsilfc)
3.Madadi Aditya(madadi.aditya)

Professor: Dr. Karen Villaverde

In the middle of the World War II, Nazi Empire thrashing all the land, air, water fleets of Allied forces. Highly Ranked Soldiers of Allied were captured as prisoners of war in the Nazi Campaigns. One hero raises from the ashes of defeated allied forces for the hope of better tomorrow like a phoenix bird. To save the prisoners of war and to make the better tomorrow for mankind, Allied forces rely on him to bring most important soldiers with high ranks to win the war.

1.Use WASD or arrow keys to move the soldier
2. Use Mouse to point the Rifle
3.Use Left-Click to fire bullets
4. Collect Lives and Grenades after killing the enemies
5.Use corresponding Key to open the each gate in the maze
6.Use Right-Click to fire the Grenades after collecting them
7. Kill the final boss tanker using grenades and bullets and save the prisoners of war by opening the prison gate with key.

if a midi file (audio track) keeps playing endlessly just reset the game, run the game, press start and close the web browser tab.

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Tags: mouse game shooter with-source midi blood collision war battlefield wall

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Good job on this game guys. This game is pretty challenging at times and was fun to play.

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