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A top down survival zombie shooter.

Made in about 8 weeks for a school project.

Use "W", "A", "S" and "D" to move around.
"R" to reload.
"Q" to use a medkit.
"G" to throw a grenade.
"Z" to place a mine"

"M" to view the map (It shows your current position and where you need to go).
"C" to open/close the characters screen (Distribute skillpoints/weaponpoints).
"O" opens up the options menu, which is also a cheat menu :)

The "quest" of the game is to collect all the weapons and to kill the final boss (although the game doesn't really end there).

Kill enough zombies (earn enough XP) and you will level up, press "C" to distribute your weaponpoints and skillpoints.

1: Handgun.
2: Shotgun.
3: Machinegun.
4: Sniper.
5: Gas + matches.
6: Flamethrower.
7: RPG.

Weapon 5 has a primary and secondary fire.
Primary (LMB) places some oil on the ground, secondary (RMB) lights a match.

When you kill a zombie it has a chance of dropping an ammobox.

The game has a pretty easy to use button class.
It also has a path finding class. (Press "O" and "Hide Path" to see it in action)

TIP:Put all of you skillpoints into maxing intelligence first.
TIP2:Put all of you weaponpoints into the damage of one weapon.

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Tags: mouse game with-source zombie topdown pathfinding

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the controls are too complex and confusing


What is complex about them? W,A,S,D for movement and the mouse to shoot. (And R for reload) You really don't need any other buttons to play this game and I find it hard to believe 5 buttons + the mouse is to complicated...


I like it. And 7 MB isn't that much, compared to the project that I'm editing which is 12.7 MB :P


This is cool! I love it!


How did you make the borders? I'm trying to implement borders in my own game but my player glitches and gets stuck when he hits them.

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