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DonaldDuck presents ...


Color Physics

In this epic new platforming game, you get to play God as you click and cause little shapes to go flying!

I'm not taking this scenario very far, but I'd be very pleased to see a nice game come out of this.

If you look at the source code, you'll see I was trying to allow users to add new items into the world via JButtons and JOptionPanes. I have all the required information, but I'm unable to add a Greenfoot Actor to the world from an 'Other Class' extending JFrame.

Any tips on that matter would be appreciated.

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Tags: game physics demo with-source gravity red blue

open in greenfoot

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I can't seem to get a positive score on this - just the negative number of clicks that I made? In terms of the swing components, they're far better not used on Greenfoot scenarios - it's much nicer to have everything you need in the actual scenario rather than have dialogs pop up all over the screen (on my setup for instance it appears at the top left of my left monitor, which is some way away from the scenraio which is on the right hand monitor!)

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