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DonaldDuck presents ...



Adventure on every axis.

Teh controls!

F1 - Switchs too rotation mode.
F2 - Switchez 2 flip mode.
Spacebar - Yoos teh mode-designated powa (Flip/Rotate).
Arrow keys - Move.
Enter - Reset teh lvl.

This can easily be expanded to fit many different games. The ground detection is not quite perfect, but the coding is pretty well commented and quite neat, you should be able to make sense of it.

Haz fun!

*Known bugs and fixes*

Standing in a corner and using the rotation will cause a NullPointerException, causing the program to stop, therefore is not advised.
When inverted and facing right, running left will happen backwards for a split second, but righten itself after 1 run through.

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Tags: demo with-source shift invert

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Quite awesome. I'd like to see a game come out of this :]


I'm glad you like it.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Mon Dec 20 03:44:48 UTC 2010 Now with an unlockable.


Very fresh, cool game idea - I can see some interesting puzzle based games coming out of this one!

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