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Greenfoot back

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langy presents ...


First attempt

You are the smiley
face. Get the crab
while avoiding the gun.
But it's not what it
first appears...

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Tags: game demo crab gun smiley

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My first attempt during a lesson from Mik. Tried to add sound but didnt work properly. Enjoy, or not....


Nice idea! I did find it practically impossible though... Might just be me :)


From a practical point (sound wise) if you upload the source and explain your problem, someone (might even be me) could explain what you're doing wrong on the sound front.


I am intrested to find out where your going with this. One comment though. check your code. I have played this game on 4 different computers and every time about maybe 10-15 seconds after i start playing everything suddenly moves to light speed and the game lags out. i know its your first try but keep at it.


that happens to me too, t3hwookie90

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