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luke.ferguson presents ...



Pacman - a little a different though, the main objective is the same - eat the dots, and avoid ghosts.

The ghosts move at random and spawn based on a timer within the act method (max of 4). As the Pacman spawns your invulnerable for a short amount of time, so if a ghost is your spawn location you don't immediately lose a life.

Once a ghost has left its base, it cannot re-enter, although as the Pacman you can!

High scores are tracked in the offline version (a text file is used to store them); upon losing all 3 life's the game is paused - normally at this point the scoreboard is presented.

Co-created by myself and a work experience student.

NB: The highest score I've got is 251!!

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Tags: pacman

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It's done well. I'd like to see your code though, because it might help me find out what I need to do with my game since I'm stuck... Anyway, great game! :)


He is from the Netherlands. @michaelsam ACT NORMAL! This project isn't hard to programmate, so create it on your own. You don't have to get mad for things like this, martijn13039 just wanted to tell you're not the creator of Greenfoot. And please: set another profile picture, this confuses people.


There is a definite need here to control the language! The expletives above are completely unacceptable. Please remember the audience of this site.


spowere and sp33dy are right and sorry for my hard langues :( it was not my intention, but i didn't want he abused somebodys account




No srry


@michaelsam What's with the language? Honestly this isn't a very hard program to make and if you're not willing to take the time to learn how to code basic java required for this project then I don't see why you're even on this website. I think Michael is just mad he can't program. If you're willing to tone down your attitude, I'm certain there will be many people on this awesome website willing to help you make a simple pacman game. Don't forget, stealing is bad.


@michaelsam You = weirdo. Ha ha ha :) Nice game¦D


Whats The Code For Going To a Next Level And How Did You Make Your Enemies Move Freely


how did you make the scoreboard and another level?

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