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Excavation: A Breakout Game

This is the first version, so some details should be explained before they can be discovered.
? First of all, there is currently no sountrack. I made one, but decided to scrap that and make a better one.
? Second, one may notice only one of the three counters at the bottom works. I am currently working to ammend this, but that may take some time yet.
? Third, (though hopefully nobody catches this) there is no reward at the end as of yet. I must add one ASAP, but I was on something of a deadline.

Challenges that I especially enjoyed implementing into this were as follows: smoke that trails the ball, a relative angle deflector, and looped audio (though this will only become evident when I add a new sountrack).

That being said enjoy it for what it is and feel free to offer suggestions, constructive criticism, scores, fun comments, or what strikes your fancy below. ( :

(Update 1. Instructions are now provided within t
(Update 2. I have minimized the extreme angles that the ball used to sometimes travel in, and have implemented a working ballCount and levelTracker at the base of the screen.)

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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Fri Aug 20 19:16:36 UTC 2010
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Fri Aug 20 19:24:15 UTC 2010


I really like the clicking sound with the ball bouncing. Nice work, maybe you can add levels and different types of blocks you will have to destroy (one that moves or takes more hits to destroy or such). I think at the beginning of the game, the ball should get a random angle instead of a straight 90 degrees because then you could not move the paddle and clear everything directly above you without an effort. But if you wanted to have it like that so you can initially aim, then i suggest don't allow the ball to ever bounce back off the paddle at 90 degrees. And the extreme speeds the ball goes is kinda ridiculous. I don't think the speed should change every time it hits the paddle (maybe speed can be put in somehow still) . And when it goes really fast, the ball disappears, still leaving the trail of smoke?


Sorry I didnt realize you had more levels, its hard!
Quite all right. Though the relative bouncing makes it harder, it's definitely more interesting than my original (the ball's X and Y speeds were randomly determined at the start. Hence, the ball never changed direction.) Aiming does allow for some control on the part of the gamer, though that does present the issue of when the ball goes off of a far edge of the paddle, it speeding hopelessly out of control. Part of the challenge is to maintain a reasonable angle of travel to work with. However, it should not get to a point where it is impossible to catch. I'll have a look at that.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Wed Aug 25 04:08:14 UTC 2010

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