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thedemigods presents ...


Gorgon Slayer

Left key to move forward
Right key move backward
Up to jump
D Key to attack (after first level)
1 key to skip a level

Gorgon Slayer is a 2D platform game written in Java with the help of Greenfoot. Greenfoot is an interactive environment aimed toward teaching beginners Java. Much of the code used in Gorgon Slayer was originally found in popular Greenfoot game Zony.

Gorgon Slayer features 8 levels of increasing difficulty, culminating in a final battle with the Gorgon Medusa. The game features 3 different types of enemies (not including the final Boss) as well as various map-related challenges and objectives. The player must navigate each level from start to finish without dying. Although the hero has limited health, he has (by virtue of being a demigod) infinite lives. This may change when we add additional levels to expand the storyline, so take advantage of the opportunity to hack and slash your way through the game as boldly as you want!

The story of Gorgon Slayer was based off the Greek myth of Perseus. Some of the aspects of the original myth were changed in order to integrate the storyline more seamlessly into video game format. The story follows Perseus as he goes on his epic quest to kill terrible Gorgon Medusa, whose gaze turns any man to stone. He is advised by Greek Goddess Athena to begin his journey by finding Atlas, who holds up the sky. Atlas then tells him to find the Grey Sisters (and their one eye) in their cave. The Grey Sisters tell Perseus he must go see the water nymphs at the River Styx. There, the water nymphs advise Perseus and ready him for his battle with Medusa. Then, he faces his hardest task: he must defeat Medusa! If this difficult task is accomplished, the player beats the game!

System Requirements:
Your computer must have Java to run this game. You can play it online on the Greenfoot Gallery or you can download Greenfoot and the source code in order to be able to play it offline.
Known bugs/limitations:
-Perseus? head has a tendency to go through solid parts of maps when he?s jumping up high enough
-You can beat the Medusa level without killing Medusa, although this is difficult.

Future work:
-More levels that provide better transitions between the plot points of the story (also adding more levels onto the beginning)
-Adding music unique to each level (or every few levels or so)
-Adding additional weapons to Perseus? repertoire as the game progresses (such as a bow)
-Improving the boss AI and therefore making the bosses more difficult to defeat
-Adding a menu with three options: play (plays the game), credits (opens a page giving credit where it?s due) and controls (how to play the game).
-Add additional enemies, unique to each level.
-Add text boxes to supplement story (dialogue with characters, such as Atlas and the Grey Sisters).

Gorgon Slayer was made by The Demi-Gods, IE: Rhys Evans and Brooke Evans, for Ming Chow?s COMP-10: Game Development course in Spring 2010. It is our final project.

Much of the game was based on code from Greenfoot Game Zony.

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Tags: game demo with-source hero platform action 2d

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Never add lives! I'm stuck on level... 4, I think. The one that's all dark with platforms far apart. I'd lose within seconds wth lives! I love your other ideas, though.


(ps, I know you didn't say lives, but don't do it anyway!)
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Wed May 12 21:56:06 UTC 2010
nice game

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