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GravityBattleStudio presents ...


GravityBattle V1.0

2 players try to destroy each other in a nearly realistic and futuristic battlefield.
Better than WolfTeam


support maybe temporary unavailable!

Version 1.1 is now available!

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Tags: game simulation physics with-source battle gravity fighting kloster gravitybattlestudio

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Graphics are pretty nice, did you make them?
you should fix the transparency of the players and their collisions - the x of the weapon doesn't matter for gravity, only the x of the player but nice animations, i have too agree on that
Thanks for your replies :D @lordhershey: Almost all of the pictures are homemade, except of the backround picture in the startscreen and the boxes on which the players walk (These are lincense free pictures). The two players and each picture of their animations are hand drawn and colorized with Paint.NET. @Jimbo(Jack&Jim): The transparency problem will be fixed soon. In addition to that, our programmer is going to edit the scripts, so some new content and bugfixes are coming soon.


Nice game although there is alot of code just to make the players do their animations and movements


GravityBattleStudio, I am in love with the graphics.


Could you possibly release one with translated source? I would love to do a remake with better physics.


The players sort of remind me of the players from the Wizard of Wor.


Bugish report: I already found a work around, but the controls are misleading. You should have a note saying to turn numlock on. It would be nice to find out if its possible to bypass that, but I don't know. At the very least, you should have a note somewhere.

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