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Onsite user co-op game. With some puzzle-like features.
If no one else is running the scenario, please comment below for someone to join you.

A video of me playing it through can be found at:

** Controls **

- WASD keys to move.
- Use mouse to aim.
- Left click to shoot.
- ‘E’ key to interact-with / pickup something on the ground.

Accommodations for Mac users (Mac+Java issues):
- Right click and drag to move.
- ‘\’ key for backspace in TextBoxes.
- ‘`’ key for escape in TextBoxes.

** About **

- Only one level so far (but two different paths - each played by either you or your partner).
- The two paths are connected/synced in various ways (currently 3 fully implemented features).
- Key to success is coordination with your partner. Use the in-game chat to keep each other informed of what one of you is encountering, and help each other complete the level.
- If you or your partner fails, you both restart the level (though you can’t fail yet, unless one of you leaves).
- The chat record will indicate if your partner has possibly paused the scenario or left. As well as when they return (resume scenario).
- Chat text that is italic means it is scripted.

** To-Do **

- Implement ai to attack you.
- Implement boss room (will be where there are double doors/gates leading to a dead end, right now you unlock the first. The second will be an activated door synced with your partner to enter boss room).
- Implement scroll bar for chat record (mouse wheel has been implemented).
- More features to be synced between the two paths.

** Other **

For reusable onsite user 2-player utility, visit:

For reusable GUI Components, visit:

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If you don't get a chance to play with someone (or if you don't play well with others), a video of me playing it through can be found here:

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