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Moving Mouse In 3D

So I did it, and it took much less time than I thought it would.
Look around the world of weird rotating PokeBalls with the mouse!
Note: Does not work on site, download scenario to try it out.

To trap/untrap the mouse, press enter. It will reset the position and rotation of the camera back to normal everytime you trap/untrap the mouse.
When not trapping the mouse, the controls are the same as my previous 3D scenario:
Arrow keys - pan the camera (it looks like the spheres are moving oposite of what you choose)
aswd - move the 2nd world on a horizontal plane
qe - move the 2nd world up and down
ik - pan camera forward and back
jl - rotate camera left and right
uo - rotate camera up and down
space - look at the main world.
When the mouse is trapped, the controls are the same, except for any camera-rotating tools. Use the mouse to rotate the camera instead.

There are a couple "bugs", like the movement isn't as smooth as it could be, and the rotation can get all messed up, but I will try to fix those... Someday.

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