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I nee help with the case below:
I need to make sure that the thief steps in to the car and steal the car by riding away to the garage. After selling the car to the garage, the thief most get out of the car and go on searching for another car. If the police car touches a car with a thief in it, it means arrest that car. You most let the police car ride alone so that you can play the game alone. And the point is, any time a thief jumps in to a car, the police car should notice that as a stolen car and chase it.
This is what I need in codes.
Can someone out there help me with this?
Thanks in advance for your time and support.

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cool game, but what are the controls?
left, right, up and down for the police. W, E, S and D for the autodief. Tnx
also, please check the codes to see more details. tnx




Ok, so I noticed that you had a question in my GTA senario. Essentially, My car was a separate class from my player and these vehicles and players extend a scrollable class. This is so if any of the actors in the scrollable class are within a certain bounds, I scroll the world. So if my player is colliding with the car, then it checks for a key. If that key is pressed, then the car has a boolean "is driving" or something like that, and if that is true, then it will move and my player no longer rendered. When I exit the car, I simply set the location of the player to the car and move it right 10 pixels or so. You may want to develope a system that places the player where there are no objects in the way. But basically this is how I did it and I hope it helps!

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