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well if ur 16 i think you need to be in the 16+ category.. cause under 16 would mean 15 and under right...?
that goes in the martian class.... i meant to say getX() not getY().. when the Martians are at the left side of the screen, they appear a certain distance away from the right side of the screen... and is this related enough to the theme?
a cool powerup would be a laser or gun thing like the in blackberry brickbreaker....
yes i am overriding setLocation for the martians.. but i use this code to get them of the screen: if(getY() >= 0) { setLocation(getWorld().getWidth()+100, getY()); } would that be right?
are the space levels too hard?
if you press 'a' while the text is showing it gets a litttle messed up.. should be easy to fix though..
i gotta say this is like the best game ever.
isnt this just using the wanderer helper class on the greenfoot website?
yes i can! good job