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Great game
How do you play?
I believe it's just moving marbles and button pictures for now
Great this better than all the other crab games! The animation is a nice touch too, you might want to consider making levels with each level they could add a lobster or something...
Whoa! I beat the game!
OK, well to start with as mentioned in the description this only a background, when you have the start button in the background it will not be able to do anything as it is not an Actor merely an image. I recommend the video tutorials or check out some source code from games similar to yours for help. Have fun making your game
@JavaForever I'm was 11 when I started greenfoot so just go and have fun though it's really important have self motivation and try hard.
Um... I have done the exact same thing(well a little different but the ideas the same)


When you test collision of the character and the moving platform set the location at the the same x coordinate for both the actors