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Isn't this just what you covered in the "Shooting Rocks" post? Nevertheless, I'll be looking forward to learning how circles bounce off each other.
Wow! Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. MatheMagician, your new picture is awesome.
Not sure what you mean, but I'll that one sentence for many hours... Maybe I'll figure it out :) Thanks anyways! You blog is something I check everyday!
Great! A very simple example with the Pythagorean theorem. I also have a sort of request... In eclipse there are no handy methods like "move" and "turn", so could you post the maths behind rotating an image, like Greenfoot does?
Thanks, I'll try to do that. I knew it was slow to connect to the network, but I didn't know what to do about it.
I check whether the UserInfo is null or not every act, and if the UserInfo score is greater than the player's current score and a timer is greater than 50, it updates.
Sure! I'll try to puzzle out the "UserInfo" class.