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although, why is it that when you die, you cant retry without having to go through a pain in the behind?
'tis still hard in easiest mode, but i love the challenge. brilliantly made.
lawl. i saw my image in there. lawl.
also, replying ot builderboy2005, i have absolutely no idea how to do that, i am not exactly the most experienced programmer. i have been working as hard as i can to figure out how to do it, but i cant seem to figure it out. if anyone has any ideas or knows how to do it, then please do let me know.
i dont like how you seem to be saying that in an insulting way, as i said, it is still in beta!
omfg, dude. dont even bother trying to copy someones work. if you want to get good a programming, practice, if you dont, just quit. you obviously suck at programming if you are copying someones work.
thanks, i appreciate it also, when you have time, think about coming and checking out my recently posted scenario, i need some advice on how to make it better, other than scrolling, and collecting coins :P
how did you make the camera follow the man in the game? i cant seem to get it to work.