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just wanna say I really like the game, but it took my coins, I was playing and it said I had 18 coins then when I got 2 more it reset back to 0, I didn't even buy anything at the store, I was saving up to buy the coin upgrade 1st and , then I got 5 coins in the next game but the game didn't record my last score, I had 11k something, can't remember how much exactly but I know it woulda beat the #7 score and I defiantly was logged in, I logged out then back in and said I still had 5 coins and my score wasn't higher than what it is now, btw very addicting game, good job
I want to know how to do online high scores
ok, played again, died this time at 10,558 then pressed play and waited for the counter to stop and it stopped at 12,150 but I do like it
correction: finally died due to a
umm, a faster score counter, I need to do this in my games too, so if u figure it out tell me, I was up around 6k score and completely stopped doing anything and the score counter was still going up, finally died do u a stupid mistake on my part around 7k score
I've had this problem several times, I found that the getWorld().removeObject(this); statement has to be the very last statement in the act() method or put an if statement that would be false if it's no longer there, here is the reason, the act() method will always executes all statements in it and you get the error if the actor is gone before the act() method is done here is how I fixed the error: public class Bullet extends SmoothMover { private boolean remove = false; public void act() { movearound(); dissapear(); eatAsteroid(); if(remove) getWorld().removeObject(this); } public void dissapear() { if (atWorldEdge()) { remove = true; } } public void movearound() { move(7.0); } public void eatAsteroid() { if(canSee(Asteroid.class)) { eat(Asteroid.class); remove = true; } } }