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Oh wait, never mind


There is, it's "shift"
Funny you'd say that, Working on that is next on my list. However if you stand at melee ranged facing and enemy and "RIGHT" click. You will perform a Melee attack, there is not yet a sprite/animation to show this, But you will see the blood rip from your foes, I will make this practical soon, such as adding a melee weapon to your inventory!!
What do you guys think about the actual game? (Good/Bad and Things to add?)
@Game/maniac. I will fix now!
It helped, but I ended up having to change it, But thanks for the basic math part. (I'm actually terrible at Math so doing stuff like that for me, takes a while) So yes, you did help, Thankyou :)
To get to the Dragon level, Your level needs to be level 5, Or press "P" to give you Level 5 (For testing purposes).


Release source code! Love the game!
There is scoring Behind the scenes. I just need to have an Interface that displays it (Working on it now)