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Level 77, Score 16631800 :D
Oh so that's why I can't drag my actors in my "Super Mario bros." scenario!
Well that's actually the thing Im using in my "Super Mario bros." scenario, so I know 'bout it. ;]
Why are the wombat eating metroids?
This will also make the image visible when the actor is over half outside the world.
Isn't it easier just to say: public class Wanderer extends Actor { private int x, y; public void setLocation(int x, int y) { this.x = x; this.y = y; } public int getX() { return x; } public int getY() { return y; } }?
The end music is a bit laggy...
It's the getX(), getY(), and setLocation() methods that do all the work (or the most of it.)
Why don't you upload the source code?