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You should prevent the player to go back. Just adding a "&& this.getRotation() != 270" in the down command, !=90 in the up command, !=180 in the right command and !=0 in the left command. It would prevent the player to go back and kill himself against his own neck aha
@danpost oh yes I see. I only had the base code of the ImageScrollWorld from your scrolling tutorial ( I just added the methods to add a scrollable object, and it works now. Thank you very much!
Good Morning, is there a way to add moving enemies when using an ImageScrollWorld like this one. I can't figure a code that lets the enemies move around and at the same time keep them in synch with the rest of the game moving with the player movements. Thank you for your time
Is there a way to make some actors move quicker than the player to make a perspective effect? Like change the scrolling speed of some trees to make them move slower to make them feel closer?