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Boring game.
Read for example this:
Yes. One fundamental feature of an AI is, that it learns from the environment and from the decisions from its past. Here, it's just an bunch of if-Statements. No learning, no retrospection, absolutly dumb algorithm.
There is absolutly no AI in this scenario. It's scam. Check There is the JAR-File of the game. See for example BadAntBot. ~2000 LOC of if-Statements. An AI would be learn on it own. Furthermore, you would have to train it with example inputs to make it play your game. Otherwise it would do only silly things the first few days, until it has collected enough data. It may be an nice "algorithm", but it is no AI.
It's a bit more difficult, but the controls are quite unintuitive
You just have to press space, right and up all the time to win all levels in less than 20 seconds
The enemies are quite dumb