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LOL, I don't mind... That's good that you like this, that means what wrote is good.
I made a special version (Only change the keys) for the other keyboard - of course its less fun becuase its losing the effect of the weird keys. Here you go: Have Fun! and Vote also here because i helped you.
In other keyboard don't have problem with Ctrl for change weapons?
Maybe I will publish "normal keys" editon, with the arrows keys. I think its simple change...
I really didn't know that is diffrent keyboard - with the english language - just other locations. you can search the english keyboard (Wikipedia) and see picture of the "normal" keyboard - and you will see that the keys is comfortable...
That game build for English keyboard. but if you are talented you can play that in weird position - that would make the game be funny. by the way- in the game -( ? = / ) so you can jump with /, not with ? and ( > = . ) i wrote ? and > for people understand more. but i see that in other keyboards isn't some of the keys..
oh, its diffrend keyboard?! so its work only in regular keyboard , sorry....
It's all about practice, after some games its will be very comfortable buttons.
Cool Game! I like all the sounds, the varied of the objects, the animals.... Its very interesting to turn in the edge, thats make the game to be more quick. But, i think that you need to make the game harder in some point. i can get very high score if i just have a lots of time. More thing, when alligator about to come, make a ring, i was killed because of him a lot.