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ok sure I will make the turtle slightly faster, too make it a little easier but I do want the Bee to be faster than the turtle
Im sorry it took so long for this update to come out but hope you find the game more enjoyable! In the next update I will try to make a "How to play" popup and a end to the game. Theres 5 points given for each level so maybe when it reaches level 20 (100 points) ?. It may take some time however as I may have to majorly recode the whole thing. Either by having 20 seperate level worlds or figuring out how to make the score save its variable so even when the world changes it will save it. If you know how to do this let me know!
Thank you for all the comments. Level 2 should now work! if you have any suggestions please tell me!
nice. im a huge fan of stardew valley so this is fun
Sorry guys Level 2 is broken I will try to fix it in new update