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wow absolutely incredible, I love how many actors are in the hard version. super fun!
Really great recreation! I used to play this all the time as a kid so it's just a wave of nostalgia, awesome job! Maybe apply CheckKeyPress() for your control screen instead of a 5 second times, just in case people need more time to look at it
not bad, simple tho, it could use more of a challenge, as it takes a long time to lose
This is a really awesome concept, I personally love minigame type games similar to this, it would help to apply some randomness to amp up the difficulty
fun game! some controls would be nice however it seemed pretty straight forward and worked great
working PVZ recreation! awesome job, everything looks and works perfectly
simple recreation of the classic snake game, very fun!
probably one of the best and developed games on the site, everything worked swimmingly!
super complex and the graphics are incredible