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This is a very good example of a dehydrated brain. Very unorganized, confuzed, and EVIL. Keep up the good stuff and donnnn't forget to d r i n k w a t e r.


I like how the animation isn't constant and is only applied based on player input. This was AQUA FRESH!!!
WHO is that person in the bottom right and WHY aren't they drinking any WATER! Do they even KNOW about the harmful side effects of DEHYDRATION!


Sauron was a very evil man who didn't drink enough water! Very spooky and fun for the WHOLE family.
Thanks for the nightmares, if I wanted to be scared this badly I would've just jumped into a blender. Keep up the good stuff and don't forget to stay hydrated!
The sound effects are very cool, keep drinking that sweet sweet H 2 O.
Very cool, I love the scrolling. Maybe give the swords wear like only being able to use them on a few enemies so it isn't just one and done. Very fun, way to stay hydrated!
The art style is very well done, I love how polished it is. You must have stayed hydrated to do a job this well.