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Not quite :P There is 1 second in between each test where it stores redraws and targets the next second.
Nicely done!
I am scared... Yet I am curious to play on as it is just awesomely well made
Yes that's right. I'm currently still in that grade: year 12. That's in Australia, I know that not all countries have the exact same system but that's the final grade here. It is for my major work and the code component (this program) is due in about 5 weeks. However I got a bit into it and worked well ahead of time xD
Oh that's annoying, I fixed the option saving, it works locally... but now not online :S
I'm glad you like it! :D
Very nice!
It works beautifully!
Can I scab some of this code? Do you want me to reference you in any particular way?