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Eugene, what part of the code interests you? I could post the relevant parts if I know what you're trying to learn about.
We had a limited amount of time to complete this project, but we did consider adding a new zombie each time one was destroyed. If I revisit this project in the future I may do that.
Glad you enjoyed it!
Click the keys, or press buttons on your keyboard to play! If you like it, please leave a like and follow!
32,600 points! Fun game, thanks for the extra resource!
You should put in constant forward movement, and keep turning bound to keys, or use setLocation() for movement instead. I think It would make this game pretty fun!
Disregard my previous comment... My browser was the issue!
Disregard my previous comment... It turns out my browser was the thing causing the problem!
Easy to play, and more flowers than needed which is cool! I would change line 77 in the Bug source code to: w.showText("Score: " + flowersEaten + "/8", 60, 10); It would then fully display the score on this site!