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Here's some advice as a possible solution to solving the hitbox problem: You most likely used Adobe Photoshop for your Actor's images, make sure to CROP the image which reduces the hitbox as the transparent background is still counted in the game which makes it play weirdly. Otherwise, not bad. Really like the sounds. Good Spiral Knights death music btw.
I love what you did with the firing of the ship and certain amount of hits needed to break the different sized asteroids along with the small animations, really charming. Try make a score counter and that'll make a big change :)
Simplicity isn't the worst, but it does impact the game. You could try adding the ability to eat your own tail as it can prove a challenge as you grow longer your snake. A scoring/tracking system would be nice to see the highest amount you ate. Adding some sound effects such as .mp3 or .wav files would be a nice touch to make the game more exciting.
Very nice concept and design, really enjoying it. Some background music would be really nice to listen to while playing the game or possibly a scoring system. Being able to eat yourself by turning backwards is not bad as a simple mistake could end the game but it's also not the most optimal way to end the game.
Very nice potatoes. Some feedback would be to make the Game Over text significantly larger so that it's more visible and maybe a font to make it stand out.
A very basic working Mario version of the Asteroid game. Work in Progress. Please leave feedback on any improvements that could be made on the game such as controls or graphics or if there is any bugs.