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You created the Helicopter alone or you used a finish one of somewhere? ;) I made my one with photoshop. ;D Really easy :P
But my Helicopter is beautifuller. xD
Better than my one. ;) Really nice . ;D
Nice code.;D I made a game named "The NimGame". You know that? ^^ Thats really tactical. ;)
Take it. ;D Your one is better than mine. ;) Cause im a beginner with Greenfoot and I have to lern much. :D Thats my first try of a simulator.^^
speed = Speed, vSpeed = vertical Speed gSpeed = acceleration of the Copter while flying up or falling down ^^ jSpeed = "Jump" Speed, its just like vSpeed, but it takes you up
int speed = 7; int vSpeed = 2; int gSpeed= 1; int jSpeed = -3;
But the speed is a bit to slow ;)
Do it. ;) I'm sure, you can do it better than me. ;D But the Stages will come. :P