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It's supposed to be Metaknight with his mask off, why?
This is pretty good! I love how it actually works a lot like an actual magnifying glass.
You should make it so that when you walk into the side of a platform, you don't fall off. I'm having trouble jumping in time, and so get the game over screen too easily. Also, for the instructions, you should make the words more visible. I had to squint to be able to see the words.
@programmer22: If you look above, you can see that this is just a testing for a new addition for the next Greenfoot version. It will come out with the next version, I believe.
For the 'Near You,' it showed nccb as #3 and #10. Glitch, or was this on purpose?
Thanks for finding that, I've fixed it now (:
Thanks for finding that, I've fixed it now (:
Score: 145. Kissing the wall helps a lot.
Oh my god...I spent so much time on this game. Score: 7848 x]