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No, I just restarted, because I wanted to play it! ^^
When will the sequel come out?
Why don't you publish the source codes of your scenarios? I'd like to know, how to do such things.
Great game! @ Super_Hippo I'd say, Busch2207 knows exactly, what he's programming.
Nice game! And a highscore would make it much more better!
His name is Wile, isn't it? ;)
Wie schaffst dus, dass die Musik für immer weiterspielt, selbst wenn man das Spiel pausiert hat und dass die Musik von einer in die andere 'fadet', wenn man reseted?
Now I've got all special medals, I think! And I also have the golden Gun-Medal, now!
I almost freaked out to get the 'I'm just a shadow' - medal! It's only possible to get this medal on the stage, where you need the four keys, isn't it?