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I really love this game! I always played this as a child! Your first remake was also good, but this is much better! Huge praise!
Nice! When a new game started, the music fades and then starts from begin again and becomes loud again.
I've managed, that the Green side is the side inside, without changing the Source Code! :)
I think, he wants to know if the game is over somewhen?
Hey that's nice! You can only shoot the targets, if you hit them exactly, right? Will you continue working on this project?
Hope, there will come a Level Mode, soon!
There is a thing, that could be done better: If you build 3 black wholes, that are connected with a tripple output, on his 3 exits, and you build some different Color Towers on the ways from the tripple output to the black hole, then there will be produced infinitely many balls.


Oh and: when you get on a door then it opens and the field where is written, that you need a key is opened, then the music stops either...


3 things, I don't like in this game: 1. If you press 'V', nothing happens... 2. The sound stops when you loose and starts from begin... 3. If you get in another Level the sound stops, too.. and another one starts... I would let the sound play till the end and then start the next sound... But everything else is great!