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The idea is fine, but the second type of zombie killed me while standing in front of me and not touching me.
Here the next 3 images:
In the stage "bouncy" it looks kind of weird how the elephant moves while he s standing. Maybe it should be like this And in the stage "tunnel" my elephant get invisible and i don't know how to solve this problem. This game is very good made and there are some very nice ideas in it.
I found two "bugs": Right after the elevator, you stand infront of the controle room with the computers where you have to wait until the gate is unlocked , right? There you can go through the wall infront of the chair. And than It's possible to open the right door right after the explosion. Behind the door zombies? or the employees walk. It's not possible to walk through this door.
That sounds good ;D And I hope you will hide some eastereggs! That would be hilarious!
Wonderful! I don't like horror games, but this was quite interesting! The best momen was the explosion! In that moment i was wondering why i couldn't move away. There were invisible walls and suddenly BAANG! i was quite shocked. I hope the update will contain monsters...because i walked through the floors and waited for them... and after a time this game wasn't so shocking without monsters. But good work! I couldn't make something like that!
It's my first time i did this, so i hope it works:
I've created one image and now how I should send it to you so that you can rate it?
It works very well! But it would be more fun with a better design! I would like to create some monsters and towers! If you like to, send me please the size of the difrent objects