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My apologies. Somehow I thought you were the same person since the comments were a day apart.
Hi! There is actually loading time ... It takes about a second, sometimes less. The characters are made by starting with SpriteSheets from LPC Pixel Cup (google it), including the base character and the equipment, and layering them by drawing them on top of each other in a correct order. I'm not ready to share this code publicly and my most recent attempt to make it possible to move to different "levels" has resulted in an error I can't solve so I've stopped working on it for the time being, but if you reach out by email, I can share a previous version with you that has the smooth graphics engine implemented. Also, please don't spam "Hi" as it clears the rest of the chats/updates.
Does not work well on the Gallery - I need to address that now. But it is playable on your local computer. Please download the code.
Awesome fun! And thanks for sharing your code for the benefit of all!
Goes with this YouTube Video -
No threads. Just a common timer based on nanotime, to keep things sort of in sync. I don't believe that the Greenfoot Gallery would play nicely with threads (everything gets converted to JavaScript before being displayed in HTML 5) so I didn't even consider that. At it's core there is TreeMap of TreeMaps of ArrayList of GameObject (not as complicated as it sounds - just a way to keep track of objects without having millions of null checks) and a camera algorithm to provide a list of objects near enough to the player to be "drawn." I layer that over a separately managed by similarly timed Tile engine. The thing that's slowing me down is that this is a behemoth of old code! This wasn't a planned project - it started off as starter code for an almost completely unrelated student project (an image manipulation project, where they manipulate a buffered image using 2d array logic) and so each time I add something, there is a lot of backtracking. Having said that, if you send me a message on the Teacher side of this website, I'll send you a link to the code.
Hi Mr Bradley. This uses System time / delta time. Presently working on a slick workaround for the lack of a z variable. Greenfoot can be pretty deep it you want it to be.
It's feeling a lot smoother ... Next, abilities? High scores work. Finish your game to find out.
Try now, Xiao ... I think it might be better. The ending doesn't work (you can keep clicking) but the shapes (including the blue ovals) should now scroll smoothly. I actually pre-draw an array with every single size I need (80, in the current version) and then just pull images from that array. Saves a ton of processing mid-game (youll notice a delay when you click to start). Almost ready to start building game logic!