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@kmanb, read comment on last update above.
@Roshan123, move repetition and stalemate are both drawn games (so is draw by agreement, which is obviously not incorporated in this game). As for you 2nd comment, insufficient material was not implemented.
You could remove the sound (code and files) for the upload. The sound files is what is making your project "intensive".
I escaped the hook.
@lehrerfreund, run the scenario and click buttons at top left corner.
HaHa LOL -- but I am smarter than the average bear !!!
"Irregular Shape Collision Demo" is a bit long and could be misleading, here. However, the documentation does show what is needed to bounce off any smooth surface (curved or not). Complications do occur at bounce points that do not have a normal to the surface and finding the bounce point itself (to find the correct normal to use) could be tricky with irregular surfaces
Q 1: Questionable. Cannot go into details without ruining the question for everyone. Q 9: Comment at end of switch statement is not correct. Q 11: There is a typo in one of the options. Q 23: Reason given for correct answer is not accurate. Integer ranges from -2^31 to 2^31-1. Again, cannot go into details without ruining question for everyone.
The class can now only be used locally (not on a site). For help on error, create a discussion thread. Show class of code where error is located and indicate what error you are getting and at which line it occurs.