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craigsapp6395's Scenarios

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play Number Conversion Game
plays 75 / votes 0

Number Conversion Game

by craigsapp6395, 2022/5/13

Arithmetic Brain Practice

play Ignore this
plays 227 / votes 0

Ignore this

by craigsapp6395, 2021/12/13


play Hudsons Game
plays 264 / votes 0

Hudsons Game

by craigsapp6395, 2021/5/28

Color Game

play Sampling Distribution for One Proportion
plays 270 / votes 0

Sampling Distribution for One Proportion

by craigsapp6395, 2021/5/13

Simulates the sampling distribution for a sample proportion

play Chi Square Goodness of Fit Test
plays 286 / votes 0

Chi Square Goodness of Fit Test

by craigsapp6395, 2021/4/30

Calculations for X^2 GOF Test

play Two-Way Probability
plays 420 / votes 0

Two-Way Probability

by craigsapp6395, 2021/4/30

Calculate probability of compound events from a 2-Way Table

play Geometric
plays 295 / votes 0


by craigsapp6395, 2021/3/25

Calculates the probability distribution for the geometric distribution as well as a simulated distribution

play BoxPlot (with outliers)
plays 298 / votes 0

BoxPlot (with outliers)

by craigsapp6395, 2021/3/25

Enter a dataset and applet shows a boxplot with outliers

play Law of Large Numbers
plays 323 / votes 0

Law of Large Numbers

by craigsapp6395, 2021/3/25

Flips a coin continually and updates the proportion of flips that were heads

play Binomial Distribution
plays 335 / votes 0

Binomial Distribution

by craigsapp6395, 2021/3/10

Input parameters n = sample size and p = true probability