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Meaning I can't import the ChiSquare stuff when it exports?
ANyone know what this error is? The scenario works until I export it.
Hey Question: When we export the scenario to the website, is it possible to change from World to World?
You would want the AI to play for a few minutes. then slow the game down and hit the black button which changes to user play. Then you are the gold pieces trying to get 4 in a row.
I will definitely check it out! The rules for connect 4. You win the game if you get four pieces in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally).
No, my system is probably fairly basic (in respect to other A.I. methods). I have never tried learning A.I. techniques but I used an algorithm that kept track of the different states and moves in the game. Then evaluated if the move was favorable (based on the ending outcome of the game). I kept track of a point system. I did something similar with the cracker barrel game with much better results :)
Is it possible to have the pause, reset, and speed options when you embed this into a webpage?
I don't know why this is not running. Is it because I am using serialize?