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I can't seem to figure out how it chooses the bullets velocity... I point the barrel towards something and it often goes out a different direction...
Hit a best of 61 but then started goofing ;) Either way, I love it but it's so structured. Possibilities to introduce variables and custom RGB colors could strongly benefit my score :)
Yup, that's my account too; I forgot the password...


Bug: Level ends when there is still 1 enemy left on the screen. Bug: Ammo is only obtainable when using the rifle. Text: Achievement "Getting Armor" or whatever is given when ammo is picked up. Improvement Suggestion: I assume you have a BloodSpatter class or something. Instead of doing this, I would recommend drawing the red dots directly on the getWorld().getBackground() canvas. This way, when many blood spatters are in the world, it doesn't lag so badly.
Thanks! :)
Ah. See I tried storing the entire world in one gigantic randomly-generated text file but this caused problems for java to read the entire document. I've been kinda off Greenfoot for awhile though, I might hop back on just to try your suggestion out. Too bad Greenfoot doesn't allow security permissions to read/write to text documents; that will make my job a tiny bit harder... Thanks for your input Spilli :)
I understand but how does one remove a file from active memory?
I would imagine storing the entire world as an integer array and only adding the on-screen objects from the array would certainly do it. This was a rather rushed project however, but if you have a different solution, I am certainly interested to hear it, Spilli :) Cocky is interested too if you care to translate your solution to German (lol)
In the act method or wherever you check for the spacebar being pressed