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Sorry, what I meant when I said "show you my code" is "show you how my Greeks move with the code I wrote." I was studying Greenfoot and the greeps competition before I saw this page. I do see a link for how to copy and paste, but it looks like too much effort. Anyway, your score is higher than mine, so it's not like I was going to crack any records.
Hey, no copy and paste? I had been working on this for a long time (my average is around 100 tomatoes on the first three maps) but now I can't show you guys my code?
Wait a minute, is one of the random images your profile's icon?
Nice man! I especially like the tracks that the tanks leave behind. Quite a solid bit of code!
Dang! Found a glitch After being captured by orcs and exploring the dungeon, the basket elevator lowered onto my head. My character jumped on it, but when it reached the top, he kind of floated through the bottom and ended up hanging off of the floor of the basket. I couldn't move, and nothing else happned.