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@Artyoum The scrolling is more of an illusion than actual scrolling across the world. All objects simply move when you hold w or s. When they hit the edge, they disappear but keep track of where they would be. When their x and y are within what the screen can show they reappear. The FPS is a support class in the "Reusable actors and support classes" collection


Clu always wins head on collisions. I fixed a similar problem in my "Blockem" game by checking if the other player has collided with something as well in the next cycle before it says who wins.
The dots that show your aim go under the sun
If you are on following actor and press w, a, s, or d it stops


The ball blends in with the light blue, it makes it difficult to see it. I would suggest making the ball contrast more with the background.
Thank you @lordhershey! The next version will have sounds.
It's supposed to be like a horde of enemies. If they didn't turn towards you, you could run them over one by one. When they all turn, they surround you, which was one of the things I was trying to do in this game. Also, the sound lag comes when a large group of enemies are on screen, and then all start to fire. Currently, the enemies only fire when they are on screen.
The tank gun isn't the problem, it's the enemies. The files are .wav. As I mentioned before, I prefer semi-auto for this game, as it makes the game require more skill than simply holding a button down and having it fire every five counts. I could make sounds for the tank only, but that would seem strange.
I have sound on a couple of my scenarios too. But in this one, there may be fifty shots at once, which causes terrible lag with sound. It makes it unplayable.