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Hi, the method I used to update the display was to delete the object and then re-create it with the updated text. I have a hunch that there might be a more efficient method (like using .getImage() and .clear() ). Anyway, any suggestions or comments welcome :)
more specifically, glitch is with numbers like 0.000...1111...000 etc
Still seems to be occasional glitch with very small decimals (0.00 20+)
Still small bug of pressing . then 0, because . adds a zero anyway.
I am going to try and use .SetScale();
You have to click 0 about five times for it to start adding zeros. I think it is to do with my MathContext (I need to show more precision, even though 111.0=111.00). My code is like this: mc=new MathContext(display.length());
Does anyone know how to fix the problems with using 0's in a decimal?
Thanks for all the help so far. This should be my last query about this :)
Thanks guys, you saved me there! :)