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Glad you liked it. This was a model for a physical prototype I jag some kids build. I was quite proud of getting the trig right on the first trial.
Thanks for the help
Thanks, lordhershey!
I think I fixed it. Let me know if it works.
I honestly can't tell if it works as a Java app in my mac, because they've basically made it impossible to run java in mac nowadays and I can't even figure out how to do it.
Okay, seems to refresh alright in my Mac, but not in my Windows machine. Maybe it has to do with Java being up to date? Is it working correctly for anyone else? Anyone have an idea what's going on? wabuilderman, what java/os are you running?
If you download it, it will work. I guess it doesn't work as a web app for some reason, not sure why.
Oh, that's weird, it runs correctly on my own Greenfoot, but doesn't work here. The refresh isn't working right on the java app for some reason. Thanks for letting me know, wabuilderman.
You need to put a semicolon at the end of the line in Java.