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Greenfoot back

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@lordhershey i plan to use it for a game me and Artyoum is working on together, and for that top down shooter i was working on but put on hold.
nah, i gota implement how different items interact with different shit
lol i dont know why but shrek was killed to death made me laugh hard xD
ufo bosses gets stuck on edges .-.
well when theres way more then just 5 units like 200-300 units it lags
sure, got any ideas? talk to me on facebook instead i go on there once a week instead of greenfoot which i go on once 2 weeks :P
on greenfoot?
lol, reminds me of how we got nothing done and ended up playing melty blood instead xD
such amazing elevator simulation. Now you just need the ppls to leave and you have a hotel simulation.