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Great game! Just a couple more features and better graphics and it could be an app!
Best game I have seen on this site!
The game looks amazing! My only concern is that the world is a tad big and it would be nice if there was some sort of power up that increased fire rate.
haha np keep it up!
It's cool! I love the artistic work of all the characters! You should make it so that the dog can give the ball back to the human and the human can't throw the ball without a ball in it's hand. Also make the dog actually use the restroom by pressing down instead of just deleting himself. Still an awesome idea and I love the game!
my mind = blown, hey Busch2207 can you just give me some of your coding ability?
oh yea and I need some epic background music.
So this is a work in progress guys, so here is what i'm thinking for the future: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Make the game look more sexy 2. Add some sort of power up that either: a) allows you to "eat" balls for a certain amt of time b) adds lives to the player ball c) some other idea that either I come up with or you suggest. 3. Move the counter to the TOP left of the screen (this is a necessity) 4. Add title screen 5. Edit leaderboard screen If I left anything out that you think should be in version 2.0 please don't hesitate to ask! Thanks for playing everyone, you guys are awesome!
Oh yea it's working now! Alright I have no more suggestions, all around great game, keep it up!