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@JetLennit Won't be published, sorry.
Well, I noticed when I tried it after uploading. Works fine in Greenfoot though, so online it's more or less a gimmick. Too bad :D
The code is surprisingly simple once you got a general idea on how to do it. But yes, I use objects of a circle class with different sizes.
Ok, I added quick sort for you, SPower. However I couldn't accurately visualize how it works.
Well, I do have a python implementation of quick sort and it wouldn't be too difficult to implement it in Java. However, I'm not too sure whether I could visualize it the way I did with the selection sort algorithms.
Dann kopiere ihn dir aus der Klasse heraus? Ich kann (bzw. will) dir nicht deine Szenarien programmieren.
Schau doch in den Quelltext (Klasse Ball). Die Physik dahinter ist nun wirklich nichts gro├čartiges - Einfallswinkel gleich Ausfallswinkel. Das ist keine gro├če Berechnung.
@danpost Thank you, I used that method and didn't get problems with the ball anymore! For your second problem, I already had that random change in direction built into the game. I made it a little bit less infrequent now, so it should not take so long until the ball comes out of a hopeless situation.
Yup, it worked. However, a certain erdelf somehow got a 900000 score xD