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Probably not. Haven't touched it in a while. I can add source if you want to do it yourself.
This game arouses me.
Very challenging. For everyone, down arrow is to ignite the engine.
Okay, I was a little unsure at first about that. But I gave it a shot and thought it looked pretty good. I'll be updating it in literally one minute. Thanks for another good idea!
I tried it with a lower transparency but thought it looked awful. Raised it a bit and was good with what it now is.
Game/maniac, done!
There isn't any set levels, Cheribasa. Hit reset, the targets will be randomly assigned. One will be chosen each time you reset it. They'll be flies, bees, or pterodactyls. Each with different flight patterns. Hope this helps.
Thank you, Game/maniac! I've corrected that issue now and will re-upload it. If anyone else has suggestions on how to fix/tweak little things, please feel free to point it out.